Creative Cuisine Restaurant

The “official” definition of creative cuisine is based on the development and evolution of the French “nouvelle cuisine” that took hold in the 1970s. This movement took haute cuisine to the gastronomic levels that we know today, giving the wider public access to it. However, this culinary revolution is not limited to the technical and aesthetic aspects that may spring to mind. A creative cuisine restaurant such as Ménade goes far beyond originality.

Respect for the product is paramount. The quality of a product is no longer determined by its price or exclusivity. Chefs can unleash all their talent thanks to the versatility of quality products.

Besides, the creative cuisine on offer at a signature restaurant enhances the sensory experience. At Ménade we go beyond taste, delighting all the senses: sight, smell, touch, even sound!

If the Greek muses of taste, wine and celebration have visited our Axarquía restaurant, we must be on the right track! Do you want to come and discover it with us?