Ménade restaurant in Axarquía

Pablo Vega in Axarquía Restaurant

Enjoy the freshest flavours that Axarquía has to offer at our restaurant in Caleta de Vélez

The Greek Maenads are the inspiration for the Mediterranean cuisine created by the chef Pablo Vega

Tradition and avant-garde come together at the Axarquía restaurant: Ménade. But don’t be fooled by appearances. The muses of Dionysus play with your senses just like Pablo Vega does with the ingredients. Traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine is at the heart of the Ménade restaurant, with hints of French, Asian and avant-garde cuisine, which will submerge you in a Dionysian trance of gustatory pleasure. In essence, Ménade’s foundations lie in:

  • Signature and creative cuisine 
  • Axarquía local products 
  • Event venue 

With a dedicated team and a first-class chef, we offer international gastronomy to adventurous diners just like you. Are you ready to enjoy the gastronomic party that we celebrate each day at our Axarquía restaurant? Because there is no better cause for celebration than fine cuisine and good food. Come and meet our Maenads, who will show you the world of flavour that they reserved for the Greek gods.

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Restaurant in Caleta de Vélez with Axarquía local products

Because gastronomy knows no boundaries, but within ours, we offer the very best products

The cuisine on offer at our Axarquía restaurant is characterised by respect for the products used. We worship our products, just like the Maenads worshipped the Greek god of celebration and wine; one would not exist without the other. Do you want to know what you’ll find on your visit to the Baviera Golf restaurant?

  • Starters
  • Rice
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Desserts

All on a menu that offers international gastronomy without overlooking the local flavour. After all, Ménade is on the shores of the Mediterranean: a meeting point between cultures, where ingredients, spices and exotic products from the most remote places on earth have been combined ever since the first Greek seafarers and Phoenicians set foot on these coasts. 

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Pablo Vega cooking a fish at Axarquía Restaurant